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Painting Workshops, Critiques & Residencies


My two-day workshops focus on clearing the mind in order to tap into the unconscious creative flow. Coupled with experimentation and learning to trust the process creates a conduit for creativity. Participants explore textural manipulations using traditional and unconventional painting tools. The methodology and techniques employed by major American abstractionists serve as inspiration. Critique sessions provide students with feedback and increased opportunities to develop exciting works of art. The workshops are only offered to individuals who are experienced exhibting painters. The cost for the two-day workshop is $225.00.

My two-day workshops focus on critiques, techniques and clearing the mind in order to tap into the flow of creative energy. You may sign up for one or more workshops. The cost for a two-day workshops will be $225.00 .

In order to secure your place for one or more workshops, a non-refundable $100.00 deposit is required per workshop.

The workshop dates are:

November 9 & 10
Dec. 11 & 12

2018 workshop schedule will be announced in December. Workshops in 2018 will cost $250.00 for two day workshops

INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP "JUST YOU AND ME" I offer flexible ONE on ONE opportunities to paint with me. We can schedule mutually convenient days and times throughout any given year. Here is your chance for more individual mentoring. The cost is $300.00 per day. Ask about discounts for multiple day mentoring.


To register, call 920 674-4674 or email me at"

REFUND POLICY. Sometimes in our busy lives we have to change our plans. Because of the interest in my workshops I have several students who wish to work alongside me. When I accept you into the program I have to turn others away. For this reason I require a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 when you sign up. Registration is not complete until until deposit is paid.


Beginning June 2017 workshop artists may work and reside at Center Avenue Studio.

Call me about availability of my B & B option in my recently restored 3rd or 2nd floor artists accommodations. If you choose to stay at CENTER AVENUE STUDIO you will have access to the painting studios throughout your stay (day and night). The cost per night is $80.00. Spouses, partners and friends may also join you. No Children.

CRITIQUES: I offer individual critique sessions. You can bring up to 3 paintings for me to advise and council with you. These hour and a half sessions cost $150.00. Call me at 920 674-4674 to make an appointment.
T. C. Hoffman, Rta Maria and Terrence Coffman in the Center Avenue Studio
T. C. Hoffman, Rta Maria and Terrence Coffman in the Center Avenue Studio